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Welcome to URIteacherknowledge (URITK). URITK is a private-access wiki that has been used in some education courses at the University of Rhode Island. The purpose of URITK is to act as a knowledge base for pre-service and in-service alumni, as well as other education professionals graduating from URI education programs. If you would like to use URITK for your own pre-service education course at URI, just ask Jay Fogleman.

Since its inception in 2007, URITK has been used by several classes. The website currently has close to 8000 pages, including assignments, resources, and student contributions that have accumulated during this time. Pages for classes held during previous semesters are "archived," i.e. are no longer accessible directly from a sidebar link. All work created on URITK is still here! To access past work, schedules, etc, follow the appropriate archival link at the bottom of the sidebar.

In addition to the students in the classes mentioned above, there are also occasional visitors to the site. If you are visiting, welcome!. The links on the sidebar are your best bet for exploring .
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